We have some very exciting news for our school community! 


In 2018, our school was pledged $6.23 million towards the development of a new Science, Environment, Library, Languages and Arts space. In 2019, we were provided with 10% of this money ($623,000) to complete the initial planning stages - this is what you have received updates on throughout the past 12 months. The remaining 90% was due to come in one of the upcoming budget announcements, but we had not had a confirmation of which year we would receive this. With the emergence of COVID-19, we were even more unsure about how schools would be funded for their building works over the next few years.


I am therefore extremely pleased to announce that our school received correspondence from Deputy Premier James Merlino, outlining that we are due to receive the remaining 90% of the funds later this year! We are so excited to continue the momentum that has built up for this project over the past 12 months, to start construction and to enjoy the benefits of new classrooms and specialist spaces, new outdoor learning spaces and some much-needed maintenance to our main building!


Please keep an eye out in the newsletter for more information on the building works, including expected timelines.