This week we achieved another milestone in our Capital Works journey - the Detailed Design (DD) Report was signed off by the school, school council, DET and the VSBA after a review meeting on Thursday. We remain almost exactly on target with our timeline, which is pleasing given there are delays in many industries at this time.


The full report is extensive (396 pages!) so we are not uploading the whole document, however the designs that Mat Foley shared with the school community on Wednesday night have been uploaded for your reference. 


Since the finalisation of the previous phase (Schematic Design) the most important factors to note are that we are now falling virtually within our budget - at the end of the last phase we were approximately 6% over-budget, but some adjustment of tender options has brought that down to just 1% over budget (approximately $9,000). Unfortunately part of this includes a reduction in how much of our main building will receive a repaint. In the DD Report, we will now be only painting the areas impacted by construction, windows and doors. As the school believes repainting the main building will make a big impact, we are keen to see if we can expand the painting program at another point a little further down the design and construction timeline.


During our Annual Public Meeting, a question was raised about the provision of hand-washing basins throughout the school. Whilst the design includes more basins than our school currently has, Content Studio are reviewing the designs to see if there is capacity to include more hand washing basins throughout the school.


I thank Sam Cohen and Paul Broadhurst for making themselves available to attend the meeting in their capacity as School Council President and Buildings & Grounds chair, and for their thoughtful questions and input both on Thursday and throughout the project.


After the submission of this report, meetings with the school (and therefore school updates) will become less frequent, until we begin the construction phase. At this time, we are not sure of how the bush fires and COVID-19 might impact either the state budget or our chances of receiving the remaining funds; we will communicate this with our community once it becomes clear.