It feels like we are moving ahead at a faster rate lately, but this could be because the discussions are at a level of detail that our students and staff are finding more tangible in thought! I am super excited to be able to share images with you now and an update on our Detailed Design phase.

  • We hope to remove the fence line on Wales St in front of STELLA and not replace it, instead connecting it to other parts of the building to create an enclosed space on our site and a community natural space at the street-facing side. We are excited about softening the street front for our neighbours and community members.
  • Originally, this community garden space had bench seating (for parent/carer pick up time) but we have asked for a more natural approach such as large sandstone rocks. We have also let the landscape architect know that our preference is always native trees where possible.
  • The orchard, which you will be able to see on the design as the triangular space between STELLA and the MPR, facing Culloden St will be terraced to manage the tricky slope in that area. We reviewed the different types of terracing we might achieve in this space, again opting for a natural approach.
  • In terms of plants for the orchard, our early thoughts are to plant olives (which can be sent away to be pressed and we could then sell BNW olive oil) and/or grapes. Shade was discussed throughout the site and natural shade structures are preferred, we are currently thinking about using either ornamental plants or else passionfruit and kiwi. There are a few considerations that we must explore here, including but not limited to providing shade and weather protection, student allergies, birds feeding on the fruits and the related mess! It is exciting to think about the revegetation of our yard, not just more built structures coming into the space.
  • In the space at the ‘back’ of STELLA, we are hoping to build a small amphitheatre that will support the sloping hill up to the metal playground and provide another learning space. Again we are considering a more natural approach to this space, connecting to the rocks in our woodlands area.
  • Our productive garden will be impacted during construction. We will continue to run our fantastic environmental education program, however we will need to focus on other areas of the yard for a while, such as Yakai Barring. Apart from moving the shipping containers a few metres, we hope to bring back the productive garden to the same state it is currently in (or better!) though replanting will be required after construction is complete.
  • We are most excited to have a purpose built library in the plans. This space is being designed with our community in mind; there will be two ‘zones’ allowing for collaborative work as well as individual quiet reading and the space will be designed to allow for community evenings to be held there - no more squeezing into Foundie chairs at information evenings!
  • We will have two Science & Tech rooms; one fit out to suit cooking and food sciences, whilst the other room will be set up more for chemical and environmental science investigations.
  • Please remember the images included here are not final drawings, these will continue to be developed as time goes on.
I want to also remind our community that the architects from Content Studio will be present at our Year in Review community meeting on April 22nd, after school. They will have the most up-to-date designs for presentation and will be able to answer some questions from our community.